Utilization of Minority Health Training in Performing Minority Health Research.

Matthew Garvin, B.S. , Larry Crum, Ph.D. and Trude Bennett, Dr.PH


There is a wealth of programs, conferences, and institutes available to public health researchers that provide training in conducting public health research. The extent to which this training is actually put to use, however, is largely undocumented. This paper reports the findings of a survey of participants who attended the University of North Carolina’s 1995 and 1996 Summer Public Health Research Institute on Minority Health. The survey measured the extent to which the training provided by the institute has been utilized in the field or clinic. Suggestions for more effective, practical training are provided based on survey responses.


Learning Objectives: To evaluate the training provided by institutes/conferences/symposiums on Minority Health and assess whether attendees of such programs were able to apply learned methodologies and strategies relevant to health of minority communities.

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Public Health