Medline Keyword and Minority Term Searches

The following keywords from the MEDLINE permutated index were searched in combination with the following minority terms: exp Racial-Stocks or exp Ethnic-Groups.

The term "exp" explodes the term, which means that every subhead under that term was included in the search. Thus, included under the term Ethnic Groups are: Aborigines, Asian-Americans, Blacks, Eskimos, Gypsies, Hispanic-Americans, Central American Indians, South American Indians, North American Indians, Jews, Mexican-Americans, and Whites. Under Racial Stocks are: Australoid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid. Only English citations related to human subjects are included in this catalog.

SEARCH 001: Mental Health
a) Behavioral and Mental Disorders
b) Mental Disorders
c) Mental Health
d) Mental Health Services
e) Mental Retardation
f) Organic Mental Disorders

SEARCH 002: Psychology

SEARCH 003: Birth/Death
a) Birth Rate
b) Family Planning
c) Birth-Certificates
d) Death-Certificates
e) Birth-Rate
f) Abnormalities
g) Birth-Injuries
h) Birth Intervals
i) Birth Weight
j) Birth Order
k) Cause of Death
l) Death
m) Infant, Low Birth Weight
n) Mortality
o) Labor

SEARCH 004: Community
a) Community-Health-Services
b) Community-Health-Centers
c) Community-Institutional-Relations
d) Community-Medicine
e) Community-Mental-Health-Centers
f) Community-Mental-Health-Services
g) Community-Psychiatry
h) Hospitals-Community
i) Therapeutic Community

SEARCH 005: Cultural Issues
a) Cross-Cultural-Comparison
b) Cultural-Characteristics
c) Cultural Deprivation
d) Culture
e) Cultural Evolution

SEARCH 006: Epidemiology/Genetics
a) Epidemiologic-Methods
b) Genetic-Markers
c) Epidemiologic Factors
d) Epidemiologic Methods
e) Genetics
f) Population
g) Rural Population
h) Urban Population

SEARCH 007: Ethics
a) Ethics-Medical
b) Ethics-Professional
c) Scientific Misconduct
d) Ethics
e) Ethics, Institutional
f) Confidentiality

SEARCH 008: Health Care/Health Issues
a) Ambulatory-Care
b) Comprehensive-Health-Care
c) Consumer-Participation
d) Delivery-of-Health-Care
e) Attitude-of-Health-Personnel
f) Attitude-to-Health
g) Environmental-Health
h) Health-Behavior
i) Health-Care-Rationing
j) Health-Care-Reform
k) Health-Occupations
l) Health-Personnel
m) Health-Policy
n) Health-Priorities
o) Health-Promotion
p) Health-Services-Accessibility
q) Health-Services-Research
r) Health-Status
s) Health-Status-Indicators
t) Health-Surveys
u) Occupational-Health
v) Preventive-Health-Services
w) Primary-Health-Care
x) Rural-Health
y) State-Health-Plans
z) Child Health Services
aa) Child Welfare
bb) Patient Acceptance of Health Care
cc) Health Services Needs and Demand
dd) Health Education, Dental
ee) Family Health
ff) Health
gg) Health Education
hh) Health Planning
ii) Health Resources
jj) Holistic Health
kk) Infant Welfare
ll) World Health
mm) Mental Health
nn) Maternal Welfare
oo) Oral Health
pp) Personal Health Services
qq) Public Health
rr) Urban Health
ss) Women's Health (Services)

SEARCH 009: Income-Related Factors
a) Disadvantaged
b) Income
c) Poverty
d) Poverty-Areas
e) Socioeconomic-Factors
f) Urban-Population
g) Urbanization

SEARCH 010: Research Methods
a) Bias
b) Classification
c) Data-Collection
d) Methods
e) Methodology
f) Questionnaire
g) Pain-Measurement
h) Population-Surveillance
i) Reproducibility-of-Results
j) Research
k) Research-Support
l) Selection-Bias-Epidemiology
m) Confounding Factors (Epidemiology)
n) Effect Modifiers (Epidemiology)
o) Epidemiologic Methods

SEARCH 011: Research Studies
a) Case-Control-Studies
b) Cohort Studies
c) Comparative-Study
d) Cross-Sectional-Studies
e) Evaluation-Studies
f) Follow-up-Studies
g) Intervention-Studies
h) Longitudinal-Studies
i) Multicenter-Studies
j) Prospective-Studies
k) Retrospective-Studies
l) Sampling-Studies
m) Analytic Studies (Epidemiology)

SEARCH 012: Social Factors
a) Social-Change
b) Social-Class
c) Social-Conditions
d) Social-Control-Formal
e) Social-Control-Informal
f) Social-Desirability
g) Social-Dominance
h) Social-Environment
i) Social-Identification
j) Social-Justice
k) Social-Medicine
l) Social-Problems
m) Social-Responsibility
n) Social-Support
o) Social-Values
p) Social-Welfare
q) Social Perception
r) Reinforcement
s) Social
t) Social Behavior
u) Social Isolation
v) Public Policy
w) Social Mobility
x) Social Adjustment

SEARCH 013: Social Science
a) Concept-Formation
b) Ethnopsychology
c) Interpersonal Relations
d) Politics
e) Population-Dynamics
f) Power(Psychology)
g) Self-Concept
h) Stereotyping

SEARCH 014: Statistical Methods
a) Meta-Analysis
b) Models-Statistical
c) Models-Theoretical
d) Small-Area-Analysis
e) Sociometric-Techniques
f) Statistics
g) Statistics-and-Numerical-Data
h) Vital-Statistics
i) Data Interpretation, Statistical
j) Factor Analysis, Statistical
k) Regression Analysis

SEARCH 015: Miscellaneous
a) Database, Bibliographic
b) Nomenclature
c) Personnel Selection
d) Recruitment
e) Reference-Standards
f) Personnel Turnover
g) Reference Values
h) Prejudice
i) Quality of Health Care
j) Quality of Life

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Public Health