Sample Format For Introducing Videoconference To Participants: (You don't have to use this format, be creative!)

"Welcome, my name is ____________________________________,

and I represent the ________________________________ agency.

We will join our national classroom in approximately 30 minutes.

Each of you should have the following:

The restrooms are located __________________________________________________.

If any of you parked in the ____________________________ zone, you need to move your car, because it may be ticketed or towed.  Parking for participants is available in the _____________ zone.

You will notice in your packet of information that there is a Telephone Call-In Form.  This is for you to write down your questions.  We will have question and answer time at the end of the videoconference, and will phone questions to the course origination site.   If you don't feel comfortable asking the question on-air, I will be glad to ask the question for you; just raise your hand and I will collect the question.

Are there any questions?

Please fill out the sign-up sheet if you have not already done so.

Well, I have been doing all the talking, now it's your turn.  Take five minutes and introduce yourself to the person next to you; state where you work, why your chose this course, and one fun fact about yourself.  (For the next five minutes have your participants introduce themselves to each other.)

The course should be about ready to start.  (Announce to the group when you have five minutes until the course begins.)

Enjoy the videoconference.