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Hi Paul, Kristen, Che and Patsy,


I have some MHC files, including audio recordings and pictures, from the first conference in 1977. These were Bill Smallís files, which we found recently when clearing out some OSA storage. This material is so amazing. Way cool!! And, thanks to Nicole for copying the audio.


I will leave the originals and three CDs with copies of the audio and materials in a drawer in the MSC office. FYI, I saved a copy of everything on the OSA shared drive, too.


FYI, I tried to attached other MHC archives from before my time in OSA that were in the OSA files. [I no longer have the originals for these.] That email did not get to you because of the size limit. [It went to the UNC faculty and staff, twice..sorry!] Nicole will leave you a CD with those files, too.









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