Viewer comments, 8th Annual William T. Small, Jr. Keynote Lecture webcast, February 24, 2006

8th Annual William T. Small, Jr. Keynote Lecture webcast, February 24, 2006

Viewer comments

  • The last webcast by Dr. Minkler was excellent. Thanks for doing a great job in selecting excellent presenters.

  • I was very impressed with the content and technical prowess of Friday's lecture. Thank you for all of your work. Professor Minkler's talk was very interesting, and the Q and A afterwards was fantastic. I was very impressed with how well the moderator took questions. It looked very well organized and professional. I would definately recommend that my colleagues catch your next we bcast. I appreciate all of your work to share the information with a wider audience using state-of-the-art technology.

  • Here are my comments: The speaker was well selected and informed. She knew how to speak to an audience with knowledge of the subject matter, but did not neglect those interested individuals wh o were new to the topic. This is the first time I have watched the Keynote Lecture and I enjoyed the lecture, Dr. Minkler's slides and the question and answer period.

  • It was fantastic, and I feel fortunate to have been able to see Dr. Minkler's lecture from 3000 miles away. I especially enjoyed the Q & A that followed Dr. Minkler's presentation. The moderat or did an excellent job, and it was especially meaningful to have a student in that role. Nice job!

  • I have followed Dr. Minkler's work for years so it was wonderful to be able to see one of her lectures from such a distance (I live in northern Alberta in western Canada).

  • Very professional, productive and thought provoking.

  • This is the one of the most amazing uses of "applicable technology" that I know of that has been used in relation to public health. Every conference, workshop, lecture in the world should be webcast in this manner so that students like me may attend, ask questions, and participate, with out having to physically be at a distant location. I was only 20 minutes away from the Minority Health Conference, here at Duke, however was unable to attend the keynote because I had classes that day. It was surprising to be able to see the talk, and ask a question over email while sitting in a coffeehouse at my own campus.

  • The webcast was perfectly viewable and audible, I had no problems with it. I also loved the choice of speaker. It was great to be able to experience a lecture from an author of one of the textbooks I've used in grad school remotely in the comfort of my own office.

  • Thanks for a wonderful and extremely valuable service!!! The lecture and Q&A were most valuable and your technology and filming are outstanding!

  • Dr. Minkler's presentation provided a great foundation from which to think about and begin to design CBPR. She gave great examples that can be followed up on as well as resources. I am particularly interested drawing on the resources that focused on assessing partnership compatability. In addition I am interested in better understanding the concept of "cultural humility." From my experience with CBPR, this method has the most concrete way to turn knowledge into action.

  • Dr. Minkler's specific field experiences were extremely valuable not only to inspire us with success stories, but also to learn how to address the challenges of CBPR.

  • The formal presentation was good, but I most appreciated the practical responses to the questions.

  • I plan to use some of ideas/content in our next NIMH Export application. It is a great idea to use webcast technology and have an archieve - really appreciate what you are trying to do conceptually.

  • webcast cut off sevearl times for inactivity, but restarted without much glitch or loss--I would suggest that you mention to the audience how to prevent the situaiton--highlight something or fiddle with something.

  • We had a group of undergrad students who are currently involved in community based work via the Undergrad Research Apprentice Program. They are from a variety of disciplines and thoroughly enjoyed the keynote presentation. Additionally, I have forwarded the link to all community collaborators in the field, who were unable to view the webcast, but are anxiously awaiting the archived version).

  • Our office was very impressed with your use of webcasting & were very happy to have the chance to watch the keynote in the afternoon, as we were not able to attend the morning session at the conference. Also, allowing for "live" questions via phone and e-mail was a great addition to the program. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, and we hope you continue using the webcast method!

  • Although I have not been involved in CBPR as part of my work, I have been following its development and try to incorporate it's principles in my work with educating communities about hazardous waste sites and steps they can take to reduce or prevent exposures.

  • I really enjoyed that Dr. Minkler took questions and that the cyberaudience could participate. It was much more engaging than simply watching her talk and not having an opprotunity to participate. Great job and you are doing a great service to the wider community by making this available.

  • Once again UNC's annual program has delivered an outstanding educational event for anyone seriously concerned or interested in health disparities research and addressing "America's Health Dilemma".

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