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28th Annual Minority Health Conference

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9th Annual William T. Small, Jr.
Keynote Lecture

AIDS at 25: Emerging from the Matrix

by David Malebranche, M.D., M.P.H.


In his keynote address, Dr. Malebranche will review the epidemiologic history of HIV over the past 25 years and discuss how the epidemic has progressed to disproportionately impact various racial/ethnic groups in the United States, particularly Black and Latinos. In addition to discussing the specific medical advances and policy decisions impacting the treatment and diagnosis of this disease, the presentation will specifically focus on conceptualizing HIV as a social disease, identifying the unique social and environmental conditions that are driving infection rates among various racial/ethnic groups. Using this approach, Dr. Malebranche will not only comprehensively cover where we have been and where we currently are with the HIV epidemic, but will also present future directions and challenges that lie ahead.



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