Viewer comments, 9th Annual William T. Small, Jr. Keynote Lecture broadcast by David Malebranche, MD, MPH, February 23, 2007

9th Annual William T. Small, Jr. Keynote Lecture broadcast by
David Malebranche, MD, MPH, February 23, 2007

Viewer comments

  • Great speaker. Relaxed, personable, enjoyable, humorous.

  • Excellent program!

  • The webcast was great! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the speaker as well as the follow-up questions. After hearing him, I'm probably going to ask him to speak at a meeting I'm planning in Atlanta in April.

  • Dr. Malebranche was well informed and is obviously committed to improving social recognition of the risks for AIDS and on improving education and prevention. He is particularly well spoken on the changing landscape of the disease in the United States. This is a pressing social problem in our society and deserves greater attention and funding.

  • I was unable to view the webcast. It might have been blocked by our system which they do with a lot of online sites.

  • I was glad I could see the keynote address; I'm glad that you had it available. It should defnitely be something that you continue each year.

  • Feedback from attendees said it was very worthwhile and well done. Need full screen option for viewing. If we had a larger attendance it would have been more difficult to view. All attendees were Communicable Disease prevention specialists. [Vic: This comment came from a webcast viewer; the satellite broadcast provides adequate resolution to view a larger image.

  • Again thank you for your work to bring the Feb. 23 webcast into my home. I was able to enjoy the webcast at the time of initial airing, thanks to you. The links were very easy to access. Fantastic job by yourself and all involved in the Feb. 23 event.

  • The webcast allowed me, as a student in the northeast, to hear a very dynamic presentation and interview occurring hundreds of miles away about a topic that is important to my academic and professional development.

  • Yes, I found out a lot of information that I wasn’t aware of and I love the sincerity and complexity of the Dr.

  • The lecture was rather basic given the audience. I would have liked to see more information presented with new ideas to stimulate more thinking. Thank you for broadcasting this, especially given that the conference filled up early!

  • Very good historical presentation and update; excellent presenter.

    I am not sure how much in advanced it was advertised, I only found out the day before; it was difficult to juggle to be able to tune to it . . . It also competed with an important CMS conference call on DRA, Medicaid/Medicare Modernization, etc. Many of the health centers interested in attending both had difficulty in choosing.

    I am glad you are making the webcast available.

    Strongly recommend to advertise widely much more in advance. [Vic: Absolutely - please help us!]

    In the future; featuring models that work (not an entire presentation, but summaries) to allow audience to know they are not alone and that there are successful ways to address the issues they may be confronting in reaching and/or treating minority populations.

  • The presentation was extremely worthwhile, especially the discussion about agendas for future work.

    My only comment is that I would have liked to attend the conference in person, especially since it applies directly to my area of clinical and research expertise as an advanced practice nurse. I feel that this would be invaluable. By the time I received the announcement at UNCW, the registration was already closed. Thank you very much for opportunity to hear and see the keynote presentation.

  • [Did you find the webcast worthwhile?] Very much so. Much of what was presented we were already aware of. However, we picked up a number of new references and some important new material that we will cite in publications, presentations, and grant proposals. We are also very likely be in touch with one or more of the investigators whose work was reported.

    [Comments?] The website broadcast is an innovative and important way to share information at a national level, and to help scientists across the nation (and internationally) to be on the same page (and see where we may not be in agreement), and become aware of investigators and findings that were not previously available to us. This particular webcast was of great interest to our team.

  • I found Dr. Malebranche's presentation to be extremely insightful, informative and timely. Dr. Malbranche was engaging in his delivery. His presentation provided an appropriate mix of facts (quantitative and qualitative) and workable recommendations. I highly recommend that anyone with an interest in the U.S. public health status listen to the words of Dr. Malbranche.

  • The webcast was choppy on the visuals, but the audio was near perfect.

  • Dr. Malebranche was focused on the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention that needed to be emphasized. I believe risk factors are the risk factors for all groups. Concentrate on the risk factors not " high risk groups".

  • I listened to the entire broadcast. Including myself, five people stayed and listened to the entire broadcast. The presentation was worthwhile. Interesting and informative.

  • [Did you find the webcast worthwhile?] It was very helpful for the content that I present in epidemiology for nursing students. I intend to use the archived webcast for part of my summer and fall class sessions at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing.

    [Comments?] I look forward to your yearly broadcasts and I still use the Camara Jones materials when I teach about racial disparities and systems in my community health classes. Thank you for making them available for viewing at a later time. It makes it possible for my students to hear them when schedules permit.

  • The excellent presentation by Dr. Malebranch provided both an entertaining and informed update on the problem of AIDS among African Americans and other minority populations in the U.S. I appreciated the multi-dimensional quality of the presentation because it allowed me to hear the speaker and look at visuals on the epidemiology of AIDS, timeline and history of AIDS treatment, and summaries of promising approaches for the future. I am no longer in the university setting, having access to such valuable and timely information on minority health issues is invaluable to me. I hope that you continue to have the opportunity to provide high quality presentations on the web.

  • The webcast was quite educational and if funding were to become possible for both preventive and medical assistance, to not only MSM organizations but all providers who work with or treat persons of high risk for HIV/AIDS, this webcast will not have fallen on deaf ears. Prevention is only half of the equation to reducing the numbers...

  • [Did you find the webcast worthwhile?] Yes, very useful. In Brazil we also suffer severe ethnic problems and inequities.

  • [Worthwhile?] Yes, the content was challenging and interesting. It provided an excellent overview of the epidemic, and also presented good data on the complexity of the epidemic.

  • The quality of the image was poor, but I still enjoyed the presentation.

  • [Worthwhile?] Yes! Dr. Malebranche was extremely knowledgeable and motivating and addressed real solutions to the global epidemic in AIDS. In my online community health class I cited some of his ideas, I felt very fortunate to have been able to "be there" without being there.

    [Comments?] This was a really great addition to the minority health conference! The callers during the interview portion were from all around the country and it was exciting to be a part of a nationwide/worldwide discussion on the severity and presence of AIDS on our planet. It isn't Anna Nicole Smith coverage yet, but it certainly opened my eyes to thank kind of possibility.

  • It was a good presentation and being able to view from the web made it very convenient.

  • Only comment would be to work on the quality of the sound. Otherwise, the webcast was very informative.

  • [Worthwhile?] Absolutely. The sociocultural factors related to HIV are something we work on closely.

    [Comments?] Dr. Melabranche was a fantastic speaker, informed, engaging, and funny. The following dicussion seemed a bit rote and "stiff," but still worked well.

  • [Worthwhile?] Absolutely

    [Comments?] This was an excellent presentation! Thanks you for the opportunity to participate from a distance.

  • Pretty easy to log in, very good quality image/sound, and interesting topic.

  • Very good presentation, excellent speaker. Hopefully, I will be able to attend in person next year!

  • Thank You

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