Photo of Public Health Service Examining Board, circa 1912 (7959R_lores.jpg) from CDC


Legacy resources assembled by Victor Schoenbach

UNC Department of Epidemiology folder in Schoenbach's "virtual library". Includes recorded interviews with past chairs, faculty, and alumni; selected recorded seminars, past annual reports and newsletters, and more
      History folder includes: The UNC Department of Epidemiology: Our First 40 Years,1936-1976

EPID600 (formerly EPID160): Principles of epidemiology for public health   Epidemiology for Enlightenment! Note: the public EPID600 website has had to change computer servers twice in recent years; some features have not been converted. If you are seeking something you cannot find, please ask
Lecture slides and recordings, case study questions, other resources used during 2001-2017 Epidemiology learning materials, including Understanding the fundamentals of epidemiology – an evolving text [link] (Comprendiendo los fundamentos de la epidemiología – un texto en desarrollo) [link]

Social Justice and Equality - in search of John Cassel's epidemiology - seminar course co-taught with Bill Jenkins, spring 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 - includes a (publicly accessible) Virtual Library

Other links: Vic's home page, including Vic's scrapbook and Vic's YouTube channel

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