About Epidemiolog.Net and Understanding the Fundamentals of Epidemiology - an Evolving Text

About epidemiolog.net and the Evolving Text

This web site has been created as a vehicle for disseminating the current version of Understanding the fundamentals of epidemiology - an evolving text and other learning materials developed during 21 years of teaching EPID168, the introductory course for majors in the Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, ideally with refinements and additions to come.

These materials are freely available for non-commercial use, including reproduction and distribution, as long as the original copyright and reference to this web site are included as the source.

Victor J. Schoenbach, Ph.D.
Department of Epidemiology, Gillings School of Global Public Health
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2104D McGavran-Greenberg
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-7435 USA

During fall 2019 Vic transferred three other websites to this domain (see "epidemiolog.net transformation" on the home page). The earlier materials remain on this site, in their original locations, except for the earlier home page.

The websites that were transferred include the Principles of Epidemiology for Public Health (EPID600) public website, for the course that I taught in the classroom and online most semesters from fall 2001 and fall 2017. Lecture slides and case studies that I developed for that course may also be freely used for non-commercial purposes, as long as the source and this website are referenced.

Please send comments to vjs@unc.edu. Although I retired in July 2018 (retirement party), I still receive email at this email address.

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