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“You’re probably getting tired of this, but I just thought it was sooo neat.
I have a few employees that are having a hard time getting in to see their PCP to r/o the flu. I thought seriously of buying some on-site kits to test for the presence of Influenza A & B. They were fairly pricey, however. The test is CLIA waived, so I could do them on-site without a doctor's order, and perhaps save a few visits for employees.
The brochure said that the test had a 99% specificity. I called the head of micro at Presbyterian, and asked by any chance did he know how this particular brand ranked according to sensitivity. He was very familiar with the brand and said that the sensitivity was only about 50% ... it was, perhaps, the MOST unreliable test on the market.
How cool is that!!!!!
He has told me of another brand that has about 70-80% sensitivity and close to 100% specificity. That's the one I'll go with....IF, of course, I can find some. They are in short supply all over the nation.”
Stay well, and wash your hands often!!!”[fall 2003 Internet]

"Dr. S – this is not a gratuitous comment – Exam 1 was one of the best exams I have ever taken (and I have taken a lot of exams). It was very representative of the material, and it provided an additional learning/mastery experience. Thanks for the time that you and your colleagues have put into this course." [fall 2004 Internet]

"First off, let me say that I was reading a publication for a class I am taking in HBHE the other day, and I was impressed by how quickly I flew through it, and how easy it was to understand. I then realized that this was due at least in part to my experience in EPI 160 and the training it provided me. I am much more capable of critically reviewing health-related research than I was before taking the class and I wanted to express my gratitude for that. Thanks!" [ENVR, fall 2004 classroom]

"My strongest impression from taking EPI 160 was witnessing an amazing process of transformation from college students to sophisticated reviewers of the cutting-edge clinical trials. I always had a dream to do research on a subject which could be published in world’s leading scientific journals, like the New England Journal of Medicine. Before coming to school I had a few publications in the American Heart Journal, Circulation, and the Japanese Heart Journal. I wish I could have had EPI 160 long before I started my journey in research.

Thank you for making this tremendous transfer of knowledge of epidemiology so easy and interesting! [spring 2005 classroom]

"While the course material seems daunting at first, this course prepares you to dissect studies and articles that you will no doubt see in your future endeavors. It is the foundation of public health. You owe it to yourself to learn it now on your own, because once you get out into the real world, people will expect you to know what you are doing. You may not believe me now, but you will soon enough." [Terrance McGill, MD, PHLP, fall 2010 Internet]

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