Miriam Thomas introduces the 6th Annual Summer Public Health 

Videoconference on Minority Health
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Public Health
Minority Health Project
to eliminate health disparities
Associate Professor Eugenia Eng and Associate Dean Aundra Shields 

at the 22nd Annual Minority Health Conference

Past announcements - 2001

* UNCF-Merck Fellowships for African-American Graduate & Postdoctoral Students
The United Negro College Fund and The Merck Company Foundation fellowships are a component of the UNCF-Merck Science Initiative, which has the goal of increasing the pool of well-qualified African-American research scientists in the biomedical sciences and related scientific disciplines. At least 12 Dissertation Fellowship awards and 10 postdoctoral fellowshipswill be made in 2002. The application deadline is 12 noon, Friday, December 15, 2001. for additional information please contact Jerry Bryant 703/205-3503; FAX: 703/205-3574; email: uncfmerck@uncf.org .
* Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships for Minorities
Sponsored by The National Academies National Research Council (NRC) - USA Policy and Global Affairs Fellowship Programs Unit. Approximately 60 predoctoral fellowships will be awarded. The submission deadline is November 19, 2001.
* Bannerman Fellowship Program Offers Sabbaticals to Activists of Color
The Bannerman Fellowship Program is designed to honor outstanding activists of color by giving them an opportunity for reflection and renewal. Each year, ten Bannerman Fellows receive an award of $15,000 to take sabbaticals of three months or more. Application deadline: December 1, 2001.
* Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP)
8/24-26/2001, Boston MA, Durham NC, Chicago IL, or Los Angeles CA  and 9/26 - 11/10/2001.  Application deadline 8/15/2001.  The Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO) has presented this organizer training program for people of color since 1985. The program consists of 7 week internships to learn the art of organizing through field-based training with a labor or community organization, including skills training in Recruitment and Membership-building, Direct Actions, Tactical Research, Power Analysis, Organizing Campaigns and Strategies and Grassroots Fundraising. MAAP interns receive a $200 per week stipend for the six weeks in the field plus housing, health care and local transportation expenses.
* New training program in Environmental Advocacy and Organizing
The Environmental Studies Department of Antioch New England Graduate School is creating a masters program in Environmental Advocacy and Organizing that offers political education and social action training for people interested in advocacy.  
* Surgeon General Releases Call to Action To Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior  
* Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund Internships in Asian American voting rights (Fall 2001)
* New Program to Fund Minority Scholars in Health Disparities  
* Minority Health and Health Disparities Research and Education Act of 2000
* Annual Herbert W. Nickens Award
The Association of American Medical Colleges invites nominations for the Herbert W. Nickens Award for outstanding contributions to promoting justice in medical education and health care. The recipient will receive a $10,000 award and will give the Nickens Memorial Lecture at the AAMC annual meeting. Deadline for nominations: May 15, 2001.

* Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund Internships in Asian American voting rights (Fall 2001)

* Gold & Green 2000
New report from the Institute for Southern Studies finds that states with the highest environmental grades also boast the best economies (on-line report includes state-by-state reports and links to over 40 data sources).

* Computer and IT training scholarships for faculty, students, and administrators
Tuition-free on-line training in Information Technology to the first 10,000 applicants. IT training scholarships to disadvantaged school and college students and teachers.

* New Program to Fund Minority Scholars in Health Disparities

* Postdoctoral fellowships for cancer research
The Intercultural Cancer Council in partnership with the Cancer Research Foundation of America, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and Bristol Myers Squibb Oncology, invite applications for 2 two-year $30,000/year scholarships to increase the number of cancer researchers from minority or socioeconomically disadvantaged groups as well as to increase cancer research addressing the special needs of minorities and/or medically underserved populations. Fellowships start July 1, 2001; application deadline extended to April 1st.

* Minority Health and Health Disparities Research and Education Act of 2000

* Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in prevention of violence against women prevention research
Wellesley Centers for Women - application deadline: March 1, 2001; position available September 2001
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