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18th National Health Equity Research Webcast
(formerly the Annual Summer Public Health Research
Institute and Videoconference on Minority Health)

Credits and Acknowledgements

The 18th National Webcast is presented by

UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health Minority Health Project
(Victor J. Schoenbach, Ph.D., Director)

UNC Diversity and Multicultural Affairs [DMA]
(Taffye Benson Clayton, Ed.D., Vice Provost for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs)

with the UNC American Indian Center, Carolina Latina/o Collaborative, and The Norfolk State University Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work
M. Cookie Newsom, Ph.D.,
    Director of Diversity Education and Assessment, UNC
Victor J. Schoenbach, Ph.D., Associate Professor,
    Department of Epidemiology, UNC
Funding for this program comes from the patrons, cosponsors, contributors, supporters, and friends of the 18th National Health Equity Research Webcast. Please thank them.
Planning Committee

Laika Aguinaldo, M.S.W., Doctoral Student, The Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work, Norfolk State University

Danny Bell, American Indian Studies Program, American Studies Department, College of Arts and Sciences, UNC

Ronny A. Bell, Ph.D., M.S., Professor, Wake Forest School of Medicine; Co-Director, Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity

Brandi L. Brooks, Program Coordinator, American Indian Center, UNC

Dorothy Browne, M.S.W., M.P.H., Dr.P.H. (Minority Health Project co-founder), Professor and Dean, The Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work, Norfolk State University

Trenette T. Clark, Ph.D., L.C.S.W., M.S.W., Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, UNC

Alexandra Lightfoot, Ed.D., Assistant Director, Community Engagement / Partnerships Core and CBPR Unit, UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

O.J. McGhee, Manager, Instructional Media Services, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

Josmell J. Pérez, M.A., Multicultural Programs Coordinator, DMA & Director, Carolina Latina/o Collaborative

Sharon Holmes Thomas, M.S.W., Director of Recruitment, Admissions, and Financial Aid, School of Social Work, UNC

Video production

Producer / Director: O.J. McGhee, Manager, SPH IIS Instructional Media Services (video clip)

Moderator: Cedric M. Bright, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Floor Director: Cathy Campbell
Assistant: Joe Williams Camera Operators:
    Greg Adams, Owen Scott, Larry McClain, Russell Clemons
Video Editor: Tom Laney
Webcast Page Support: Andrew Ochs
Facility coordinator: Andy Chrismon, School of Social Work
IT consultant: Jim Griffith, School of Social Work
Spyder Web Developers (website)
Video Production Vehicle: Robert Warren Mobile Television Productions (website)
Teleprompting Services: PromptAmerica (website)
Live Video Stream: KIT digital (website)
Additional credits
Herleesha Anderson, Program assistant
Stephanie L. Baker, Email facilitator
Rachel Bland, Production Assistant
Brandi L. Brooks, Broadcast co-coordinator
Kristin Z. Black, Broadcast co-coordinator
Correnthia B. Hill, Program assistant
Jimmy Jean-Baptiste, Production assistant
Miki Kersgard, Program design
Chelsea Kolander, Production assistant
Sharon Holmes Thomas, Arrangements

UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health:

Department of Instructional and Information Systems
Kathleen D. Barboriak, PhD, Assistant Dean

Instructional Media Services,
O. J. McGhee, Manager

Site facilitators and technical coordinators
Special thanks to
Staff of the UNC School of Social Work
Department of Epidemiology fiscal office, IT, and secretarial staffs
Marion E. Schoenbach

Sponsorship, Partners, Endorsements

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Broadcast information

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