19th National Health Equity Research Webcast

Khari M. Garvin, M.Ed.

NC Head Start-State Collaboration Office, Office of Early Learning (Pre-K - Grade 3), State Board of Education/Department of Public Instruction

Photo of Khari M. Garvin, M.Ed.

Khari Garvin is the Director of the NC Head Start-State Collaboration Office - one of four federal Pre-K programs of the NC Office of Early Learning (web site). He has been affiliated with Head Start since 1999 - serving as a Head Start Fellow (Washington, DC); a grantee program manager (Illinois); and a grantee Assistant Program Director (North Carolina). His work centers on promoting and building a collaborative early childhood system in North Carolina by coordinating the services of Head Start programs with other early care and education services, providers, and stakeholders across the State. Mr. Garvin earned a Master of Science degree in education from Southern Illinois University.

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