BUILDING COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS IN RESEARCH                                    2

The goal of HHS is to promote awareness of and appropriate community participation in health research. Dialogue must continue among HHS agencies, researchers, and communities to provide ongoing development and guidance for building meaningful health research partnerships with communities. HHS will undertake the following action steps to attain this goal:

  • Establishment of a federally mandated Task Force on Participatory Research. The Task Force will be composed of representatives from diverse communities, research institutions, and HHS agencies.
  • - The Task Force will conduct regional hearings to gain gressroots community input on
       mechanisms and actions needed to build partnerships in research.

    - The Task Force will develop guidance on participatory research based on these hearings
       and other appropriate processes.

    - The Task Force will develop a plan to increase community participation in government-
       funded research.

  • Development and implementation of an HHS-wide evaluation plan to assess the impact of current health research processes, procedures, and funding mechanisms on community participation in health research and implementation of changes as needed to facilitate the use of participatory research models.

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