Richard Moore William T. Small, Jr. Keynote Lecturer
2001 Minority Health Conference

Of Puerto Rican descent, Richard Moore has resided in New Mexico since 1965 and is a key national leader of the environmental justice movement with over 25 years of experience as a community activist and organizer.  He has worked with a variety of community-based organizations around such issues as welfare rights, police brutality, street gang activities, drug abuse, low cost healthcare, child nutrition and the fight against racism, including the struggle for environmental and economic justice.   Richard is presently the coordinator of the Southwest Network, a regional organization which comprises over 80 community based grassroots organizations working in communities of color in six southwestern states and Mexico.    Richard's commitment to multi-racial and multi-issue community organizing - and recognition of the interconnectedness of local, regional, national and international issues - made him an important member of the planning committee for the First National People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit, which took place in October 1991.  Richard serves on the Environmental Support Center Board of Directors and recently completed a three year term as the chair of the National Environmental Justice Advisory Council to the EPA.   In addition, Richard played a significant role in establishing the Environmental Justice Fund--a coalition of Environmental Justice Networks.  In recognition of his lifelong work, Richard was the recipient of the 1991 Bannerman Award,  the 1995 Albuquerque Human Rights Award, and the 1997 Tides Foundation Jane Bagley Lehman Award for public policy


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