NC Institute for Public Health, UNC School of Public Health

27th Annual Minority Health Conference

Site Facilitators Evaluation

 1.   What is your site identification number?

(The site identification number can be found immediately after your organization name, in parenthesis, on the list of downlink sites)

 2.  About how many people viewed the broadcast?
 3.  Were your participants (check all that apply)
  Public health professionals (health educators, public health nurses, health administrators, . . .)
  Clinicians (i.e. doctors, nurses, physician assistants, social workers, . . .)
  Community Members
  Faculty, teachers, reseachers
  Students (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral)
  No participants - just taping (please skip items 5-10)
  1. Were there problems receiving the broadcast? Please indicate their nature (could not tune in the satellite, local weather conditions interfered, audio was noisy or disrupted, video was fuzzy or distorted, etc.)

  1. Were participants able to ask questions conveniently (check all available):
  by telephone? by fax? by e-mail?


  1. Was the time allocated for questions and comments:


too little

about right

too much

  1. Was the length of mid-session breaks:

too short

about right

too long

Please rate each of the following as


  1. Participants at my site seemed engaged during the broadcast
  1. Participants found the material interesting and important.
  1. Participants at my site felt able to ask questions.
  1. The web site was well-organized, convenient, and informative.
  1. Compared to others, this broadcast was well organized and well run.



  1. I will recommend this broadcast to other organizations.
  1. My organization would like to be a site for this broadcast next year.
  1. I would like to be a site facilitator for for similar events in the future
  1. Overall, I think the broadcast was time well spent.
  1. Any comments about the speaker, topic, the web site, and anything else, including suggestions for future years?
Please tell us your
  1. Name:
  1. Email Address:

Thank you very much for your interest in the
27th Annual UNC School of Public Health Minority Health Conference and for taking the time to complete and return this evaluation form.

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