2001 Summer Public Health Research Videoconference
on Minority Health

Videoconference Materials

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Attendance form for participants   (Please write in date and, if necessary, site name and zip code)
Some of the things we said we would post on our website

 Evaluation forms:
  Monday, June 18Research in Diverse Communities: Towards the Elimination of Disparities (Hobson, Jones)
 Tuesday, June 19Defining and enumerating diverse populations-conceptual issues and ethnographic approaches (de la Puente, Carter-Pokras)
 Wednesday, June 20Issues for the 21st Century: Health Issues Confronting American Indians and Counting Ethnic Minorities (Hodge, Magpantay)
 Thursday, June 21Priniciples for Appropriate Academic Research Partnerships (Giachello, Davis)
 Friday, June 22Effective Community and University Partnerships for HIV/AIDS Research: What Works and Why? (DiClemente, Felix, Wingood)

Learning objectives

Materials for creating a printed program
   Use the flyer as a cover page
Use the detailed agenda (HTML version) inside
End with the Credits, acknowledgements, and sponsors

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