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15th Annual Summer Public Health Research
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If you do not find a site near you, try encouraging a nearby college, university, or health organization to become a downlink site. Organizations that have hosted sites in previous years are listed at, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

  • : (Unlisted site)

  • (Des Moines):   Iowa Department of Public Health Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program  (50319-0075) [0608190528-29578]
    Viewing location: Des Moines, 50319-0075
    Site facilitator: Ann Short,   (Receiving by internet)

  • (Jacksonville):   Duval County Health Department  (32211) [0608112736-31584]
    Viewing location: Jacksonville, 32211
    Site facilitator: Linwood Freeman, 904-253-2061   (Receiving by satellite,internet)

  • (Tallahassee):   Leon County Health Department  (32304) [0609090944-25462]
    Viewing location: Municipal Way clinic site, Municipal Way Auditorium, 2965 Municipal Way, Tallahassee, 32304
    Site facilitator: Sheila Morris,, 850-606-8150   (Receiving by satellite)

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  • AL (Tuskegee):   Tuskegee University & Community  (36088) [0605154722-30428]
    Viewing location: Tuskegee University National Center for Bioethics, Tuskegee, 36088
      (Receiving by internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • AR: (Unlisted site)

  • AR: (Unlisted site)

  • AR (Little Rock):   University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences - College of Public Health, Office of Community Based Public Health  (72205-7199) [0527093635-24429]
    Viewing location: College of Public Health, 2nd Fl., Room 2230, 4301 W. Markham Street, Little Rock, AR 72205-7199
    Site facilitator: Dianne Colley,, 501-686-5820   (Receiving by satellite,internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • AZ (Nogales):   Southeast Arizona Area Health Education Center  (85621) [0518143431-53365]
    Viewing location: SEAHEC office, classroom, 1171 W Target Range Road, Nogales, AZ 85621
    Site facilitator: Suzanne David,   (Receiving by satellite)

  • AZ (Tucson):   University of Arizona College of Medicine/Telemedicine Multicultural Affairs  (85724) [0520174419-22762]
    Viewing location: Ahsc, 3230, 1501 N. Campbell, Tucson, AZ 85724
    Site facilitator: Ana Maria Lopez,   (Receiving by satellite)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • CA (Los Angeles):   Charles Drew University  (90059-3025) [0604215704-17427]
    Viewing location: International Health, N-Building, 1731 E. 120th Street, Los Angeles, 90059-3025

  • CA (Los Angeles):   Students of Color for Public Health  (90095-1772) [0605122448-24785]
    Viewing location: Center for Health Sciences (CHS), Dean's Conference Room (CHS 16-059), 650 Charles E. Young Drive S., Los Angeles, CA 90095-1772
      (Receiving by internet)

  • CA (Monterey):   fort Ord Environmental Justice Network  (93933) [0601203634-25920]
    Viewing location: Mesa Professional Center, Room 10D, 335 El Dorado St., Monterey, 93933
    Site facilitator: LeVonne Stone,, 831-582-0803

  • CA: (Unlisted site)

  • CA (San Bernardino):   Research Infrastructure in Minority Institutions  (92407-2393) [0609023813-13608]
    Viewing location: California State University San Bernardino, SB-355, 5500 University Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407-2393
    Site facilitator: Amy Leh,, 909-537-5692   (Receiving by internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • CT (Hartford):   CT Department of Public Health  (06106) [0528124031-90391]
    Viewing location: Hartford, 06106
      (Receiving by internet)

  • CT (New Haven):   New Haven Family Alliance  (06519-2221) [0512155514-15018]
    Viewing location: Tinney Room, 370 James St, New Haven, Conn 06519-2221
    Site facilitator: Blannie Lee Bostic,   (Receiving by internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • FL (Jacksonville):   Nemours  (32207) [0508130652-30827]
    Viewing location: Nemours BrightStart, training room, 841 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL 32207
    Site facilitator: Kathy McClain Ingram,, 904-697-3191

  • FL (Miami):   University of Miami-Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center  (33136) [0520155918-10769]
    Viewing location: University of Miami, 1539A, 1120 NW 14th St. (C-202), Miami, FL 33136
      (Receiving by internet)

  • FL (St. Petersburg):   Pinellas County Health Department  (33701) [0602083506-22830]
    Viewing location: Auditorium Room 2-109A, 205 Dr. M.L.King Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
    Site facilitator: Julia Julia, Julia, 727-824-6905   (Receiving by satellite)

  • FL (Tallahassee):   Florida A&M University  (32307) [0508105900-10533]
    Viewing location: Student Health Services, 116 Foote-Hilyer, Tallahassee, FL 32307
    Site facilitator: Harriett Jennings,, 850-412-5285   (Receiving by internet)

  • FL (Tallahassee):   Florida Department of Health  (32399-1723) [0521183527-61376]
    Viewing location: Building 4025, Capitol Circle Office Complex, Rooms 105E and 125N, 4025 Esplanade Way, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1723
    Site facilitator: Christina Canty Downing,

  • FL (Tallahassee):   Florida Department of Health  (32399) [0601133228-27801]
    Viewing location: Tallahassee, 32399
    Site facilitator: Jennifer Bruce,   (Receiving by satellite)

  • FL: (Unlisted site)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • IA (Iowa City):   The University of Iowa College of Public Health  (52242) [0608142702-31523]
    Viewing location: 5236 WL, 200 Hawkins Drive, Iowa City, IA 52242
    Site facilitator: Tanya Marie Uden-Holman,   (Receiving by satellite,internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • IL (Chicago):   University of Illinois at Chicago  (60612) [0520123601-21005]
    Viewing location: UIC School of Public Health, 932, 1603 W. Taylor, Chicago, IL 60612
    UIC participation in this broadcast is co-sponsored by the Urban Health Program, the Illinois Public Health Research Fellowship Program and the Minority Students for the Advancement of Public Health.
    Site facilitator: Judith Sayad,, 773-934-2898   (Receiving by internet)

  • IL (Naperville):   Edward Hospital  (60540) [0602103830-30782]
    Viewing location: E303/304, 801 South Washington Street, Naperville, 60540
    Site facilitator: Margaret Cross, 630-527-3934

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  • IN: (Unlisted site)

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  • KY (Louisville):   Louisville Metro Public Health & Wellness  (40202) [0601145559-19419]
    Viewing location: Forum, 400 East Gray Street, Louisville, KY 40202
    Site facilitator: Kathryn Young Carter,   (Receiving by internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • MI (Ann Arbor):   University of Michigan Health System  (48105) [0508095920-16114]
    Viewing location: Northeast Corporate Center, Conference Room, 2600 Green Rd. Ste. 150-C, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
      (Receiving by internet)

  • MI (Detroit):   Detroit Department of Health & Wellness Promotion  (48202) [0514152311-21435]
    Viewing location: Herman Keifer Complex, BSAPTR Conference Room, 1151 Taylor, Detroit, MI 48202
    Site facilitator: Jaye Inez Bond,   (Receiving by satellite,internet)

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  • MN (Minneapolis):   Division of Epidemiology and Community Health  (55454) [0519165925-16434]
    Viewing location: Wbob, 364, 1300 So 2nd St, Suite 300, Minneapolis, 55454
    Site facilitator: Barbara M. Lux,

  • MN: (Unlisted site)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • NC (Boone):   Appalachian District Health Department  (28607) [0521131906-29583]
    Viewing location: Upstairs Conference Room, 126 Poplar Grove Connector, Boone, NC 28607
    Site facilitator: Jennifer Bryan Greene,   (Receiving by internet)

  • NC (Carrboro):   UNC Center for Civil Rights at UNC School of Law  (27510) [0609103545-88045]
    Viewing location: Law School Annex, Carr Mill Mall, Conference Room, Rm 235, 101 Weaver Street, Carrboro, NC 27510
    Site facilitator: Susan Ashley Osment,, 919   (Receiving by internet)

  • NC (Chapel Hill):   UNC Diversity and Multicultural Affairs and UNC Minority Health Project  (27599) [0529115319-24116]
    Viewing location: Tate-Turner-Kuralt, Auditorium, Chapel Hill, 27599
    Site facilitator: M. Ahinee Amamoo, 919-966-7436

  • NC (Durham):   Duke Center for Community Research  (27701) [0601132249-12128]
    Viewing location: NC Mutual Building, 310A, 411 W Chapel Hill Street, Durham, NC 27701
    Site facilitator: Barbara Gregory,, 919-681-6833   (Receiving by internet)

  • NC (Greensboro):   Guilford County Department of Public Health  (27405) [0513182649-98089]
    Viewing location: 75, Greensboro, 27405
    Site facilitator: Wanda Morehead, 336-641-6031

  • NC: (Unlisted site)

  • NC (Raleigh):   North Carolina Division of Public Health  (27609) [0603083739-26450]
    Viewing location: TBD, 5505 Six Forks Rd, Raleigh, NC 27609
    Site facilitator: Jenni Albright,, 919-707-5240   (Receiving by internet)

  • NC (Winston-Salem):   Maya Angelou Center for Health Equity  (27157) [0521111353-11127]
    Viewing location: Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Academic Computing Conference Room, Medical Center Blvd, Winston-Salem, NC 27157
      (Receiving by internet)

  • NC (Winston-Salem):   Winston-Salem State University  (27110-0001) [0508095126-64430]
    Viewing location: Anderson Center, Room G-22, 601 South Martin Luther King, Jr., Drive, Winston-Salem, NC 27110-0001
    Site facilitator: Karen Dominique,, 336-750-2680   (Receiving by internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • NH (Concord):   NH Dept Health & Human Svcs  (03301-6507) [0601112412-19826]
    Viewing location: PHS Library, 3rd floor east, 29 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH 03301-6507
    Attendees please call ahead to be escorted into secure building.
    Site facilitator: Carol J. Firman,, 603-271-0562   (Receiving by internet)

  • NH (Concord):   Office of Minority Health  (03301) [0604142038-25861]
    Viewing location: Department of Health and Human Services, Auditorium at Brown Bldg. 1st floor, 129 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301
    Site facilitator: Marianne Rechy,, 603-271-4320   (Receiving by internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • NJ (Blackwood):   Camden County Department of Health  (08012) [0605144759-17267]
    Viewing location: Blackwood, 08012
    Site facilitator: Trish Hearey,

  • NJ (Cape May Court House):   Cape May County Health Department  (08210) [0605151642-30435]
    Viewing location: Cape May Court House, 08210
    Site facilitator: Barbara Beck,

  • NJ (Freehold):   Monmouth County Health Dept  (07728) [0605152349-21390]
    Viewing location: Freehold, 07728
    Site facilitator: Theresa Hudak,

  • NJ (Northfield):   Atlantic County Health Dept  (08225) [0605143349-17773]
    Viewing location: Northfield, NJ 08225
    Site facilitator: Kristen Mittleman,   (Receiving by satellite)

  • NJ (Toms River):   Ocean County Health Department  (08754) [0605153002-31456]
    Viewing location: Toms River, 08754
    Site facilitator: John Clayton,

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • NM: (Unlisted site)

  • NM (Albuquerque):   Health Sciences Center; NM Health Equity Working Group; NM PHA  (87131) [0519111422-19386]
    Viewing location: Domenici Education Center, UNM Campus, Albuquerque, 87131
    Site facilitator: Victoria Sanchez,   (Receiving by satellite,internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • NY (Albany):   Department of Health - AIDS Institute  (12237) [0601134437-26527]
    Viewing location: Albany, NY 12237
    Site facilitator: Janet I. Foster,

  • NY (Long Island City):   Reality House Inc  (11106) [0608164341-55368]
    Viewing location: Reality House Long Island City, Conference Room, 34-51 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY 11106
    Site facilitator: Onaje Muid,   (Receiving by internet)

  • NY: (Unlisted site)

  • NY (Menands):   New York State Department of Health  (12204) [0519144126-24571]
    Viewing location: Menands, 12204

  • NY (New York):   Just Garcia Hill / Gene Center - Hunter College, CUNY  (10065) [0602133825-32468]
    Viewing location: Internet2 and Video Collaboratory Facility, Hunter North 310, 695 Park Avenue. HN 310, New York, NY 10065
    Site facilitator: Carlos Lijeron,, 212-772-5532   (Receiving by internet)

  • NY (New York):   NYSDOH- AIDS Institute  (10007) [0602142910-17245]
    Viewing location: AI Executive Conference Room 85, 90 Church Street, 13th floor, New York, 10007
    Site facilitator: Jill W. Dingle,, 212-417-4773

  • NY: (Unlisted site)

  • NY (Rensselaer):   Center for Public Health Continuing Education, School of Public Health University at Albany  (12144) [0511095707-19074]
    Viewing location: GEC-Auditorium, 1 University Place, Rensselaer, NY 12144
    Site facilitator: Susan Brooks,, 518-486-6453   (Receiving by satellite)

  • NY (Syracuse):   Onondaga Count Health Department  (13202-1397) [0603091803-31169]
    Viewing location: John H Mulroy Civic Center, 12th floor conference room, 421 Montgomery Street, Syracuse, NY 13202-1397
    Site facilitator: Emma J. Owens-Richardson,

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • OH: (Unlisted site)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • OR (Portland):   Office of Disease Prevention & Epidemeology  (97232) [0601141847-13411]
    Viewing location: Portland State Office Building, 710-20, 800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 730, Portland, OR 97232
    Site facilitator: Theresa A. Fogg,, 971-673-0995   (Receiving by satellite,internet)

  • OR: (Unlisted site)

  • OR (Portland):   Public Health Division  (97232) [0601115719-19948]
    Viewing location: Portland State Office Building, 800 NE Oregon St., Portland, OR 97232
    Site facilitator: Kirsten Aird,, 971-673-1053   (Receiving by internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • SC (Mt. Pleasant):   Medical University of South Carolina  (29464) [0508122958-11038]
    Viewing location: Mt. Pleasant, 29464
    Site facilitator: Andre Ngoyi Kadima,

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • TN (Johnson City):   Community Services  (37604) [0603160238-22735]
    Viewing location: Northeast Regional Health Offices, RHOC, 1233 Southwest Ave Ext, Johnson City, TN 37604

  • TN (Memphis):   University of Tennessee Health Science Center - Telehealth  (38613) [0527112928-32558]
    Viewing location: Coleman Building, Room A140, 956 Court Ave, Memphis, 38613
    Site facilitator: Nicole Smithson,

  • TN (Nashville):   TN State University Avon Williams Campus  (37203) [0603095024-33317]
    Viewing location: Avon Williams Campus, Room 200, 330 10th Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37203
    Site facilitator: Catalina Goss,   (Receiving by internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • TX: (Unlisted site)

  • TX (Austin):   The University of Austin School of Nursing, Center for Health Promotion Research  (78701-1499) [0506175412-15193]
    Viewing location: School of Nursing, NUR 1.106, 1700 Red River, Austin, TX 78701-1499
    Site facilitator: Phyllis A. Harmon,, 512-471-9910   (Receiving by satellite)

  • TX (San Antonio):   University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio  (78216-3900) [0511095909-83317]
    Viewing location: Briscoe Library, Howe Conference Room (5.076), 7703 Floyd Curl Drive, San Antonio, 78216-3900
    Site facilitator: Susan C. Hunnicutt,, 210-567-2406   (Receiving by internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • VA (Hampton):   Virginia Department of Health-Hampton  (23661-1588) [0515145123-12190]
    Viewing location: Hampton Health Department, Auditorium, 3130 Victoria Boulevard, Hampton, VA 23661-1588, 757-315-3766   (Receiving by satellite)

  • VA (Newport News):   Peninsula Health District  (23601) [0508075353-42559]
    Viewing location: Peninsula Health Center, Conference Room3 (2nd floor), 416 J. Clyde Morris Boulevard, Newport News, VA 23601
    Please contact Janet Holden at or 757-594-7379 to confirm attendance, as seating is limited.
      (Receiving by satellite)

  • VA (Richmond):   Office of Minority Health and Public Health Policy  (23219) [0508102654-10019]
    Viewing location: Virginia Department of Health, Mezzanine Conference Room, 109 Governor Street, Richmond, VA 23219
    Site facilitator: Susan L. Triggs,, 804-864-7429   (Receiving by satellite)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • WA (Kingston):   Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe  (98346) [0508132745-41848]
    Viewing location: Kingston, 98346

  • WA (Olympia):   WA State Department of Health  (98504-7855) [0508104210-31119]
    Viewing location: Olympia, 98504-7855
    Site facilitator: Gail Elizabeth Brandt,   (Receiving by internet)

  • WA: (Unlisted site)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • WI (Madison):   University of Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public Health  (53705-2221) [0603153328-18317]
    Viewing location: Health Sciences Learning Center, 1244, 750 Highland Ave., Madison, WI 53705-2221
      (Receiving by internet)

  • WI (Madison):   Dept of Health Services  (53703-2659) [0527110523-43238]
    Viewing location: State Office Building, B145, 1 West Wilson Street, Madison, WI 53703-2659
    Site facilitator: Shirley A. Bostock,, 608-266-3451   (Receiving by satellite)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

  • WY (Rock Springs):   United Way of Southwest Wyoming  (82901) [0601130454-16046]
    Viewing location: Rock Springs, 82901
    Site facilitator: Kathy Tacke,   (Receiving by internet)

  •                                                                                         (Return to state look-up table)

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